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An eclipse will always fall on a new moon solar eclipse or a full moon lunar eclipse. In , the coming eclipses are on these dates:.

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Interlocking Information My books, calendars, website, and apps all work together to give you the most accurate, comprehensive information possible to help you plan your actions successfully. I write them all, and they all work together like interlocking gears. The app is free. If you want to search on your computer to see the app, search in iTunes, not the App Store.

Make sure your operating system is updated to the latest version. Inside this app, you will have a choice of reading all 12 signs any-. New information will be pushed automatically to your phone each day. My Twitter feed Astrologyzone will also be included on the app so you can comment on what you read. You will have the option to upgrade to a longer and more detailed daily forecast for a small subscriber fee.

With your fingertip, touch any date within a square on the screen and you will find a surprise—information for that specific day will come up. This way you will have all the information you need with you at all times. You need not pay extra to have my forecast on the watch, nor do any downloading or use any wires. Through Bluetooth, my daily forecasts will show up seamlessly. If you do not have an iPhone, Android, or Samsung Galaxy, you can receive the very same long and detailed daily horoscopes by subscription by going to www. You can read all 12 forecasts on the secure site. You can also have them emailed each day to your inbox.

If you know your precise time and place of birth, you can obtain your natal chart and learn your rising sign, the most critical piece of information that you can discover as you get to know astrology. Only those born at dawn have the same rising sign and Sun sign, but even if you were born at dawn, you have so much more to discover—the placement of all your other planets.

Also, if you were born on a cusp, by doing a chart you can determine once and for all if you lean more toward one sign or the other—this is critical to know, for it affects your ruling planet, which is accorded more weight than other planets in your chart. Here is something to consider: no one born now, in centuries continued below. You are completely unique. Not even twins have the same natal chart. The configuration of planets will differ for the longitude and latitude, and even the tiniest differences in degrees of the planets matter as they move, which is recorded by the time of your birth.

Why would reading both the rising sign and Sun sign work? We all have two charts—a Sun sign chart and a rising sign chart. The Sun holds a very important place in our universe, as all the planets dutifully march around it. No planets march around Venus or Mars, for example—the Sun truly is special being in the center.

The rising sign sets up the timing of a chart. A note to sophisticated astrologers: Of course, you can put any natal planet on the ascendant and see how that planet is behaving in current time—a testament to just how powerful the ascendant can be in a chart. There are many sources that you can go to if you would like to have your chart done. No matter who does your chart, all sources should yield precisely the same natal horoscope chart for you, as the information is based on mathematical data provided by NASA. It matters not if you were born early or late for your mother, if you were born by C-section or not—it only matters when the umbilical cord was cut, and you began breathing on your own.

The book I pen will be solely for you, with your name mentioned throughout.

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Your natal horoscope chart will never change, so you only need to have your chart done once. I use the Tropical-Placidus algorithm for constructing your natal horoscope, which is used by most astrologers. I feel it is the most accurate method of determining your natal chart. It is the book for the adult natal chart.

In your custom book, I explain your natal horoscope in easy-tounderstand language, with no astrological terms used, and in a comprehensive way that I feel you will easily remember. I list the signs and the degrees of all your natal planets. Then, in the rest of the book, I go into great detail about the placement of each of your natal planets in words you can easily understand, so you will have all the information about you. You never need to have your natal chart done again—it is yours.

Look for the book with a pink cover for girls; we have a pale blue one for boys. Additionally, I write a relationship version called My Personal Relationship Horoscope, The Two of Us, which is a wonderful discussion of the romantic interplay of two people in love. We have one for straight and one for gay couples. I suggest you get to know your own natal chart first, however, before you begin studying your close relationship.

The rising sign and Sun sign are equal in importance. I have tried hard to find a way to help you know your chart in an affordable way. I have opted to keep my profit margin very low so that you can afford to get the information you need. If you find that during one month the forecast for your Sun sign conflicts with the outlook for your rising sign, it simply means you will notice a blending of aspects in that area of your life. If, on the other hand, you have sensational financial aspects for both your rising and Sun signs, your luck may have double strength.

That month may be far better for you than you ever imagined it could be. The more you know about your chart, the more accurate I can be for you! His work, long associated with exclusive brands and high-end publications, instantly conveys a breezy and fresh yet elegant and enchanting view of life.

His women are attractive, optimistic, alluring, feminine, and modern. His everyday vignettes possess quirky charm and a lightheartedness that immediately engages and delights. With every flawless stroke of his brush, Izak portrays optimism, confidence, and beauty. He has lent his charming, colorful, and fresh fashion authority to a diverse range of advertising, promotional, and editorial clients. In , Michelle Edelman, founder of Traffic, collaborated with Izak to create the IZAK Brand, which now has an international presence in the paper products, handbags and accessories, high-end tech products, and more.

Susan also has an identical.

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For readers abroad or in the US who do not have a smart phone, readers can subscribe to her long daily forecasts, identical to those on the. Susan gives all new material on her show, not a duplicate of information on her website. Add approx. Please note that while we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information presented in this calendar, we cannot be held liable for any errors, omissions, or inconsistencies.

For entertainment purposes only. Sun - authority, vitality, strength, father Moon - emotions, memories, mother Mercury - intellect, communicaton, commerce.

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Uranus - unpredictable events, chaos, genius Neptune - imagination, inspiration Pluto - transformation, rebirth. Mercury to return to former strength by February Keep your head down and out of the line of fire. Slow down before getting involved. Saturn wants you to work, not play. Much energy emerges. Search for facts, as some may be obscured. If single, Cupid will be out and about, and love may materialize suddenly, so look your best. Attached couples will find ways to have fun. The best day of the month! Have fun and treat yourself to dinner in a beautiful restaurant or book a spa treatment.

Is There a 13th Sign?

Mercury is retrograde, so refrain from signing a contract. Your friend will be thrilled to hear from you. Catching up will be fun. Travel shines too. Develop your talent — you will be pleased with the results. Meetings may not go well, for it will be next to impossible to find accord. Deal points will keep shifting.

Sun in hard angle to Mars wide. Uranus square Pluto and Mercury. Aspects are mixed.

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