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Discover all the fantastic qualities you can bring to any relationship! The combination of fire and air create just the right spark. While two Sagittarians may be fun at first because they love to have a good time, their lack of practicality may lead to trouble. The worst match for Sagittarius is Taurus because they are so different. Taurus are filled with common sense, and they have their feet planted firmly on the ground.

This would not go over well at all.

Worst Matches

A fun-loving Sagittarius man is easy to approach. To capture his attention when dating a Sagittarius man , talk about your latest adventure or ask about his. You will find that he loves to talk with people and learn new things.

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In fact, you could talk about a documentary you recently watched instead and have his interest right away too. His sense of fun and excitement will leave you breathless most of the time. One thing to consider is his persistent need for independence. Instead, the Sagittarian needs breathing room. While the Sagittarius woman on a date loves to talk, her life experiences and an extensive collection of stories mean that she is never boring. If you want to get to know her, ask her a few questions about herself, and be prepared to add your tales of adventure.

She is very social and always on the move, so if you want to be with her, be prepared to keep up! Like Sagittarius men, Sagittarius women need their space and may even disappear for an excursion on their own. They may seem thoughtless at times, but it is mainly because their carefree tendencies can tend to make them forgetful.

Sagittarius & Taurus

Plunging into a physical romp with a partner is right up fun-loving Sagittarius sexual alley! This sign does not enjoy mind games; rather, straight-forward honesty and frankness win the day for them. Their lack of tact sometimes would shock their lovers if they knew. The sexual act itself is not serious business, but a way of having fun and a good laugh. This is not to say they are not good at what they do. While the Sagittarius man sexually is open-minded about many things, his feelings are not among them. He will not show much affection, but he will let loose with wild abandon in the bedroom, and he wants his partner to do so as well.

A shrinking violet would not do for Sagittarius in bed. He is always searching for new ideas and expertise, and that includes the realm of sex. It may sound like it is all about him, but the Sagittarius man sexually is good about making sure his partner is happy as well. For him, it is a purely physical and intellectual pastime not to mention a whole lot of fun. Sagittarius zodiac women sexually are just as adventuresome as their male counterparts.

If you do, her eye will wander. Fun is the operative word for a sexual Sagittarius woman. Since she puts a great deal of effort into the process, she expects you to as well. Warm and fun-loving, most Sagittarius zodiac sign make excellent parents. Your primary focus in on showing your kids how exciting learning about the world outside can be.

School is important to you, but so are life lessons and life experiences. Because you require freedom, you ensure your children have it, almost to excess.

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You want them to see and understand cultures separate from their own, and your travels will aid in this education. Sagittarian men take time to grow into fatherhood. Being saddled with so much responsibility may feel oppressive to them, but must learn to love it. Once the Sagittarius father embraces paternity, he will realize that this is the ultimate bond he has been looking for. He now has someone to look up to him, to learn from him, and to hang out with him. Sagittarius fathers will focus a great deal of effort on helping their children become independent thinkers and doers.

A Sagittarius mother wants to be a good friend to her children. She wants to share her love of learning, travel, and social skills. This is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, her children may become very well-rounded individuals if they are a good match.

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If not, they may shut down completely. The first thing a Sagittarius mom will teach her child is to have an inquisitive nature about the world. Instead of lecturing or imposing arbitrary rules, Sagittarius mothers will begin by asking their children questions that build upon a point. On the downside, organization is not your strong suit, and children do need boundaries and routines. In fact, sometimes, Sagittarian mothers get so caught up in their social lives that their children feel like not enough time is left for them.

Parenting is a balancing act, as Sagittarius will find out. Almost from birth, Sagittarius children draw others to them, not by force of will or by a need to grab the spotlight, but through sheer cheerfulness. Everyone, including children, like to be treated as equals, and they want to feel happy. It is difficult to find a Sagittarius child sad for very long. They will always see a bright side. These little bundles of energy require constant stimulation, or they will become impatient and cranky.

Once a Sagittarius child has made up his or her mind about something, this free spirit will go his or her way. Lastly, they need to learn to use a filter for their comments early in life. Lastly, they will never stop searching for what they find most important in life; wisdom and truth. Sagittarius zodiac sign loves to be active and doing things with a purpose. For this reason, doing competitive sports makes a great deal of sense for you. Things like tag football , soccer , tennis or golf get you together with friends outside.

Both benefits are right for you. If you would instead not compete, try power walking , horseback riding , cycling , or white water rafting with friends. While these things are fun, some are not part of a regular regime.

For regular workouts, try to work out a schedule with friends who can remind you of days and times since remembering non-business appointments is not your forte.