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I don't want her to get hurt. We've been together for 8 months now. Is our relationship going to last? They have been together for 2 years now. Do they have a chance? They seem very happy.

I want to know my marraige with my lover and I want to know when will I get marraige with my lover. Place :Hyderabad. I also, know that according to western astrology we are also compatible. Cause, I'm number 8 and she's number 9. I would like to know who i will get married to and what age and what he looks like and when i will meet him in real life?

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Name is gina ghose, d. I have never been in a relationship before and just curious to when i would expect to meet someone. Born on 6th march at 3. I don't understand why under these table others signs are comapatible as under the table: Relationship Compatibility For example, for dog girls ist the compatibility unter the table Based on Dog's Birth Month, the rabbit. Best regards. Do you think we are suitable. I want to know that she is my soul mate? Are we really perfect for each other for marriage? Parents not allowing intercaste marriage when will they give permission and when will I get married?

Popular Topics Chinese Horoscope. Hand Lines Head Line. I would love to see purple!! Many blessings to you and yours and thank you for this opportunity. I am so excited every time I get an email from you with your beautiful customizable journaling pieces.

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I pretty much have all of your downloads. I would love to see greens and teals and magentas? I love your Magical Planner so much!! I am 62 and all of your color books have helped me start over and they all make me so happy! I would use the colors of night and magic — so dark blues, purples, black, gray, silver and maybe some dark greens. I recently discovered your coloring pages and your books. They are so wonderful! I am grateful to you for giving instructions on basic color theory.


I am putting together my own BOS and the coloring pages help immensely! If I win, I would like to see a color palette which includes forest greens, yellow greens and blue greens. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest. My favorite color is red and I love the hue Black! I absolutely love your work and would be happy with anything! So, you are more than welcome to surprise me! Any and all colors, themes and designs you are guided to incorporate. Thank you for this amazing opportunity! How cool is that! Thank you for creating this beautiful planner!

Happy Full Moon! My color palette is black, purple, magenta and silver which are inspired by the colors at twilight. As a result I developed a much healthier relationship with the spirit of time in the year. I never thought something like this would help me both in my spiritual and practical life, but it did. In this period I like a combination of purple, black and green, with goth atmospheres I love bats! Thanks for this opportunity! My birthday is just after the yearly planner release so it would be super to win one! No coicidence! Surprise Me Please!!! I would love to win.

Blessed Be Goddess sister! Your artwork has saved my sanity numerous times.!! In making the time to color, I make time for myself. An amazing prize! In South Africa we dont have easy access to amazing tools like this!!! My colours are turquoise, pinks and blues. Thank you for this opportunity! If not, you can surprise me. Thanks so much for making this giveaway! Love your books already started working on my planner as I bought the pdf.

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My borrowed daughter is just starting down the path. Would love to win this it would a great gift to pass to her at yule!!!!! Fingers crossed. Love your books!

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Thank you for this generous opportunity! Blues and Purples are my favourites to work with in my magic. Surprise me if I do. Oh I would love to win a signed copy of your planner :!!! I have several of your coloring creations and adore them :!!! I love your stuff!!! And surprise me!!! Thank you!!! Your YouTube channel is my absolute favorite! Watching you work is so meditative and helpful.

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Surprise me!! My color palette is anything earthy. Being a Virgo under the earth sign I feel a close connect to earth and all things in nature. Greens, blues, browns are my absolute favorite!

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Thank you for this opportunity. I would say let it be a surprise of what colors you use. I totally love these and definitely am showing to my other fellow wiccans tonight. I love the way they keep me thinking magically everyday. If I won this fantastic prize, I would love it if you could incorporate the colour of your favourite crystal, if you have one and Autumn colours, my favourite season. Good luck to all and many blessings to the lucky winner. It just has to be yellows and greens, with maybe a splash of orange….

I love all the mystical blues and natural greens!! I just love your books and planners. I love the colors purples, teals, and silver as they feel more magickal. My email is christianecollins gmail. And so it is…. Blues, greens and purples just sing to me! I am a Goth, so dark colors like black, gray, purple and wine. Thank you for this generous giveaway!

Lifesdarkangel01 hotmail. Congrats to who ever does! Thank you so much for the work you do! I love your coloring pages.