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Capricorn weekly love horoscope indicates ou believe that love is mainly for the weekend.

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Venus enters Scorpio

If you were born under the sign of Capricorn, this week you will have conversations or experience events that will affect your privacy, love or marriage. You will now have the desire and opportunity to surprise a loved one with a gift, purchase or something else. This week will be a good time for traveling.

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You may experience travel related events that will cause temporary tension in your life. It is possible to meet someone this week or go somewhere for a visit. As a whole, the week gives you important contacts with people who live far away or with foreigners.

Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn

You will be concerned about the health news of someone who has been having health problems for a long time. The good news and events of the week will be related to money, financial documents, better or extra pay, and more. Wednesday the 9th it's all business and most of it runs very smoothly finishing cleanly and lining your pockets nicely.

That which you need is done to perfection.

Thursday the 10th good advice appears likely and you may be the one giving it or the one getting it and signs like Virgo , Gemini , Pisces and Libra s seem to be serving it up nicely. Friday the 11th the morning seems a little bit scattered but it's nothing you can't quickly organize if you put your mind to it while the afternoon seems filled with enlightening discussions, small vignettes of enjoyable exchanges and important information that may come in through computer or mail.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope for Next Week

Saturday the 12th is an excellent day for you to work by yourself as there are several aspects of distraction, rash and impulsive actions and other types of impulsive feelings and mood changes that leave you cold. It's best if you keep to yourself under these aspects as interacting with others may flop. Sunday the 13th discipline work and discipline thinking will lead to a structured and well-organized day of accomplishments for you whether you spend them relaxed or just in exchanges with enjoyable family or friend gatherings.

Romance may be downright uncooperative early in the week but may smooth out as we near the 11th and by the 12th, you are in the pink, on the mend and in the cat bird's seat. Single or paired, you easily get whatever you want to happen by or on the 13th. It's like a magic day; go ask for what you want out under the stars and likely, the cosmos will order it up for you. Then just wait for 15th to 29th November to later December and